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You May Win at the Tables, Lose on Taxes

Original Article by Howard McEwen | ENQUIRER CONTRIBUTOR (updated January 20, 2020) CINCINNATI – This tax season, winning gamblers are learning that they might be able to beat the odds at the sportsbook or the casino, but the IRS is still holding all the cards. Jennifer Gatherwright and Jessica Craven, attorneys with Gatherwright, Freeman and…

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Unpaid Trust Fund Taxes Bring Steep Penalties

Original Article by Jennifer Gatherwright | KENTUCKY BENCH AND BAR CONTRIBUTOR Albert Einstein once said that the hardest thing in the world to understand was the income tax. No doubt this is an opinion still shared by many. Although the GOP’s 2018 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act promised to make taxes simple enough to fit…

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Bitcoin: A Primer

Original Article by Jessica Craven | LEX LOCI CONTRIBUTOR By now, most people have heard of the term Bitcoin. However, not many understand exactly how Bitcoins work and the legal implications of using the Bitcoin system. It is this lawyer’s humble opinion that all attorneys should have a basic understanding of the Bitcoin system, including…

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Tax-Exempt Status Applications and Politics – “Tea Party” and “Patriot” Groups

Under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(4), an organization involved in social welfare activities may be granted tax exempt status.  Such an organization, for example, the American Civil Liberties Association, may apply to the IRS for approval of its tax exempt status.  However, a § 501(c)(4) organization, while allowed to engage in some political activities, may…

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Estate and Gift Tax Changes

For taxable year 2012, the estate tax, generation skipping tax, and lifetime gift tax exemptions are $5.12 million per person with a 35% top tax rate.  Unless Congress enacts new legislation before the end of the year, the exemption will fall to $1 million per person with a 55% top tax rate.

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Gamblers, Beware Of The IRS

You may win at tables, lose on taxes BY HOWARD MCEWEN | ENQUIRER CONTRIBUTOR CRESCENT SPRINGS – This tax season, winning gamblers are learning that they might be able to beat the casino, but the IRS holds all the cards. John Freeman and Jennifer Gatherwright, attorneys with Gatherwright, Freeman and Associates Law Firm in Crescent Springs, work with…

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Paying Your IRS Tax Debt Is More Flexible

By Howard McEwen Enquirer contributor CRESCENT SPRINGS – On April 6, the Internal Revenue Service suspended from practice California enrolled agent Richard Hargus for “not performing services related to offers in compromise (OIC) paid for by taxpayers.” Kathy Mospens, an enrolled agent at Gatherwright Freeman & Associates in Crescent Springs, isn’t surprised by the rare suspension…

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