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Gatherwright Freeman is a boutique tax and business law firm serving clients for over 20 years in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area, as well as across the country and around the world. Our attorneys have extensive business law experience and we pride ourselves in being the “go-to” law firm for tax controversy issues. Our team has the skills and experience to deliver superior results in a client-focused environment. Read testimonials from some of our clients.

Featured Services:

Tax audits, collection & litigation

Do you owe back taxes? Taxpayers often think, “I’ll pay my taxes off as soon as I get the money together.” Before you know it you receive a notice from the IRS and those taxes you owed a few months or a year ago have doubled or tripled from the amount you originally could not pay. You have now been assessed with the tax plus interest and penalties and, unfortunately, interest and penalties continue to accrue until the liability is resolved.

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Business planning & transactions

Gatherwright Freeman understands the opportunities and challenges entrepreneurs and emerging-growth companies face throughout their startup and growth phases. We share our clients’ passion for innovation and success. We work closely with you to identify and prioritize your needs in order to lay a strong legal foundation from the outset.

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Tax evasion and criminal tax defense

Gatherwright Freeman has years of experience representing clients in IRS criminal investigations for tax evasion. To convict anyone of tax evasion the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that (1) there is a tax deficiency, (2) an affirmative act constituting evasion or attempted evasion of the tax, and (3) willfulness.

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The attorneys at Gatherwright Freeman helped me set up my consulting business 5 years ago and continue to give me advice on taxes and contracts. They are reliable, responsive and knowledgeable.

Anne Otis

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