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What is an Offer Compromise?

An offer in compromise is an agreement between the IRS and the taxpayer to settle the taxpayer’s back taxes for less than what is due and owing. Currently, the IRS will accept less than the full amount of tax due if: • it is satisfied that it will not be able to collect the full…

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What to do when the IRS levies your paycheck

Taxpayers may not realize the IRS has issued a levy until payday arrives, but their paychecks do not. At Gatherwright Freeman we know that without funds to meet basic living expenses, missed car loans and mortgage payments often follow. Fear not, we can get the IRS to release or reduce levies in most circumstances, but…

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IRS Bank Levies

Can the IRS levy my bank account? Yes. If you owe the IRS back taxes and have not entered into an installment agreement or made other arrangements, the IRS can levy your bank accounts. If you have been levied, contact us today. The tax attorneys and enrolled agents at Gatherwright Freeman can stop IRS bank…

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